This use of an experimental approach using different materials can be seen in my large landscape sculptures.

“Jack the Treacle Eater”, sited in Yeovil, Somerset

This sculpture is a good example of my experimental approach. I was unable to use the local 'Ham' stone as it was too fragile for use in a public area. I therefore imitated the Ham stone by using my own coloured cement recipe. This worked so well that I managed to convince some stone workers that it was made from the local stone! The sculpture depicts many aspects of Yeovil as well as Jack the Treacle Eater. Jack is a local legendary figure. He was a great athlete of the 17th century who lived on treacle.


“Audley Bridge Sculpture”, sited in Blackburn, Lancashire

This sculpture is made of polished, stainless steel and is 32ft long and 6ft high. It has interlinked arches which form a bridge, symbolising the bridging and bringing together of the different communities of the Audley area of Blackburn. Local Community Workshop Groups produced ceramic tiles of hand prints made within the shadow of the sculpture. The sculpture could not depict humans or animals as it was sited opposite a Mosque.